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Development Planning/ Goal Setting

Notwithstanding Kevin from “Home Alone 2: Lost in New York”, we obviously don’t board a plane until we are certain that we know where it is headed.  However, it is our observation that most executives would be well served to be more clear and focused as to where they, themselves, are headed whilst they are in their current positions/jobs.  This is to say that they should step back and reflect upon what they desire in both their personal and professional lives might ideally look like in the future. To be sure, they are well-advised to make a proactive and concerted effort to both identify AND clarify their own career aspirations and developmental goals.


This phase is relatively straightforward and is illustrated in the graphic below.  In terms of time duration, this can take a mere 2-3 sessions or up to a 9-12 month engagement, oftentimes as part of an executive coaching process.


Critical to this phase is producing a draft of an Individual Development Plan (IDP).  The SBLC Coach or Consultant can readily guide the executive through this process, including providing an IDP template.  Ideally, the very best actionable development options are ones that the executives come up with themselves (on their own).  However, if requested, the SBLC Consultant can also offer developmental suggestions and recommendations, in this regard.

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